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Professional Advanced Level Personal Trainer

Health, Fitness & Weight Loss

  • Do I really need a personal trainer?
    Unless you are extremely self-motivated and disciplined it can be a long hard slog to get into shape. A good personal trainer will ensure that you see maximum results in minimum time with a structured, personalised fitness routine
  • How often should I see my personal trainer?
    Most clients usually see their trainer twice every week; however I do have clients who have three sessions per week. The more often you work with your trainer, the faster and greater the results. Your sessions provide you with regular, constant motivation and encouragement and help prevent you slipping back into old habits.
  • Can I really afford and justify hiring a personal trainer?
    Can you really afford not to hire a personal trainer? Do you truly want to see a difference in how you look or feel? So many people join a gym, with the best of intentions, only to fall by the wayside due to a lack of motivation, interest and with no defined goals or objectives. It is a fact that hiring a Personal Trainer produces consistently better results.
  • I have tried everything, can Ted really help me lose weight?"
    Weight-loss is one of the most common reasons people turn to a personal trainer. You will be weighed and measured and agree a realistic weight-loss schedule. I will offer dietary guidance and encourage you to make small changes that make a huge difference, both to your weight but more importantly to your attitude. With regular monitoring, honest and open discussions, you will reach your target weight. I can even accompany you on a supermarket shop to help you recognise the healthiest options on the shelves.
  • Do I need to invest in expensive equipment?
    Ted will devise an appropriate workout with whatever is available at any location. Some clients have their own bespoke gyms, some clients simply build a workout session based around bodyweight exercises and the environment. I am happy to advise on any equipment you may be considering.
  • I have an injury/illness – can I still train?
    During the initial consultation you will be asked for information regarding any health issues you may have. If there are any areas for concern we will discuss these in detail and I will offer appropriate advice.
  • How will I maintain my exercise plan when my trainer is not with me?
    Not only will Ted teach you to exercise safely and efficiently, he will devise you a personalised routine that contains clear, specific instructions for you to follow which include frequency, duration, appropriate weights and intensity, with key words and descriptions that help you remember every exercise.
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